Courses in Law with Mr Appado

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Courses in Law at my office

Mes cours (image de la balance, symbole de la justice)

Mr Yashovarman Wasvani Appado, practicing solicitor, offers law courses at his office for all levels of education.

Civil law

cours de droits à Quatre Bornes

I teach all areas of civil law to both beginner and advanced students in the field of law, enabling them to acquire the necessary knowledge. All levels of education are welcome.  

Commercial law

cours de droit civil et commercial à Quatre Bornes

I offer my courses to help students gain a thorough understanding of commercial law, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in this exciting field. 

My career as a solicitor

My career as a solicitor has afforded me 31 years of experience in the fields of civil, commercial, and corporate law. 

I also serve as an advisor in financial services and international business matters.

Discover my professional career as a solicitor and my expertise in these various legal domains.

Why choose me as your law instructor?

Passionate about law since my youth, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience for the benefit of my students success. 

As an experienced solicitor and former lecturer at the University of Mauritius, I have developed an effective teaching approach that enables my students to grasp complex legal concepts. 

I have also honed the art of imparting my knowledge during my numerous appearances as a radio consultant, addressing legal issues.

Cours de droit à Quatre Bornes

Private lessons to succeed in law?

Look no further!