Mr Appado, Solicitor in Quatre Bornes

Maitre appado, avoué à Quatre Bornes, avec ses élèves

Mr Appado, Solicitor, Specializing in Civil, Commercial, and Corporate Law in Quatre Bornes

Spécialiste en droit civil et commercial

Specialist in civil and commercial law

31 years of experience

Solicitor in Quatre Bornes, Mr Appado has been practicing for 31 years and is still active. I specialize in civil, commercial, and corporate matters.

I am also an advisor in the financial services and global business sector. Additionally, I teach law courses at my office in Quatre Bornes.

Plaque de Maitre Appado, avoué à Quatre Bornes

Experience as a legal advisor

During my career, I have had the opportunity to work as a legal advisor for the tourism office and actively contribute to the 2006 Tourism Act.

I have also provided counsel to the port authority (Mauritius Port Authority), particularly in matters related to ship seizure under the Ports Act and the Merchant Shipping Act.

I have also worked throughout my career as a legal advisor for numerous diverse organizations such as Maubank, Sitcom Ltd, the Port Louis Municipal Council, the Brahma Kumaris Association, the Mauritius Housing Corporation Ltd, as well as the the Statutory Bodies Mutual Aid Association Ltd. 

I also practiced as a solicitor for the Ministry of Housing and Land Development.

Commitment to improving legal services

In alignment with the one-stop-shop principle in the delivery of legal services, I have also worked towards the establishment of a legal research unit.

With a deep understanding of the financial services sector, I served on the board of the Financial Services Commission (FSC) for 5 years and was its director until the end of 2014 (enabling laws: the Securities Act, the Trusts Act, the Companies Act, the Foundations Act, the Limited Partnerships Act, etc...)

Transmitting and sharing knowledge

cours de droit

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to pass on my knowledge in this complex and fascinating field of law to future generations. 

Law courses at the university and at my office

Cours de droit à l'université et à son domicile

I have had the pleasure of conducting law lectures as a lecturer at the University of Mauritius. I also provide private lessons at my office for students of all levels looking to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to work in this field.

On the radio

Continuing in the knowledge transmission, I had the privilege of being a pro bono consultant on the radio. My role was to answer legal questions from the listeners, helping to clarify often complex aspects for everyone. 

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Private lessons to succeed in law?

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